Lego Abu Ghraib

February 7, 2005 – 11:38 pm

Sex educator Violet Blue (not the reactionary porn star, but the hot chick who blows shit up with SRL) tells Boing Boing of an odd discovery in the room of a friend’s child.

He’s just beginning his teens, but I’ve been house sitting long enough to watch him go from Harry Potter toys to Lego Mindstorms and Playstation 2. So on Saturday night when I arrived to the empty house, I got a beer and went into his bedroom to check out his toys. There were immediate telltale signs of “young man” everywhere… but there were some Legos left around on his toy chest. I looked once and was on my way out, but then noticed the configuration of the Lego assembly. It was a compound. And in the back, was a child’s version of Abu Ghraib. Stunned, I took photos. Front. Inside. Detail. Compound.


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