Atari pr0n for sale on eBay

June 30, 2005 – 6:29 pm

Snip from auction description:

Up for auction is the three adult games for the atari 2600 made by mystique..

1st game CUSTERS REVENGE…It comes in mystique plush box w/ inst. book game, box and inst are as new.. no flaws that i can see Both stickers are in great shape.. made in 1982

2nd game BACHELOR PARTY it comes in mystique plush box NO inst. Game and box are as new no flaws… both stickers are in great shape 1982

3rd game is BEAT EM and EAT EM… It comes in its plush box and it has its inst book.. game box and inst book are in great shape Both stickers are looking great 1982

Link (via Gizmodo and Fleshbot, by way of Violet Blue)

Update: Wil Wheaton sayeth:

The 2600 pr0n games you posted about today are available in ROM form at, as part of their complete 2600 library. As a bonus, they have home pages for each game, most of which include screenshots, html manuals, and cartridge, box (and occasionally manual) scans.

Custer’s Revenge: Link, Bachelor Party: Link, and Beat’em and Eat’em: Link.

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