Photos related to London bombings, blog coverage, Wikipedia — UPDATED

July 7, 2005 – 11:07 am

645AM, L.A.: Tags on Flickr that return images related to today’s deadly bombings — three in the London underground and one a bus — include bombs, bomb, blast, terrorism, and London. Pools include The London Bomb Blasts Pool, and London Explosions Pool. (Thanks, Jake Appelbaum)

The Guardian’s blog has good, ongoing coverage. Link (Thanks, Flora).

Other collaborative blogs covering the event include Londonist, and the London Metblog.

Here is a highly informative Wikipedia “current event” page, which includes links to news sources, blogs, a timeline of events, and translation of the claim for responsibility posted on the Jihadist website Al-Qal’ah: Link.

News networks in the UK are soliciting text messages and cameraphone images, videos from viewers. CNN just aired the first footage they obtained from inside a struck tube carriage; the video was shot on an eyewitness’ cameraphone.

Big shout-out to all the Boing Boing readers in London. Peace, guys. Hope each of you are okay, too.

Image: phonecam snapshot of passengers trapped in the London underground system. Alfie from says, “This image taken by Keith Tagg Adam Stacey. He was on the northern line just past Kings Cross. Train suddenly stopped and filled with smoke. People in carriage smashed tube windows to get out and then were evacuated along the train tunnel. He’s suffering from smoke inhalation but fine otherwise.”

Update, 1040AM, L.A.:

Image: Detail of a Google Maps satellite image of the affected area, annotated by an internetizen.

Sex writer / blogger / podcaster / author Violet Blue is in London today, and says, “Here’s a great blog, should have interesting posts about it: Random Acts of Reality. [Ed note: blog is described by its author as, “based in London, England, written by an E.M.T working for the London Ambulance Service.”]. And here’s my account: Link.”

Sean Bonner is one of many folks involved in region-specific group blogs for London who are checking for the safety of their blog participants. Sean says,

“Vikky [of metblogs] just posted a head count of the people in London who are still unaccounted for: Link. Hopefully they are just freaked out and not checking e-mail / reading blogs (go figure).”

Boing Boing reader Steven Clift says, “I’ve started a wiki-based links collection and suggested a unique tag for content related to today’s events: london77.”

Tom from The London Line blog says, “Just thought I’d let you know that we’re another blog (for the London alt-weekly newspaper) that’s been covering the bombings today, and will be following up the aftermath over the next few days.” Link.

Reader eye-imagine says, “The london underground blogspot is a good and appropriate place for a running commentary.”

Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal points us to a subscription-free roundup of news there: Link.

Joi Ito’s blog contains this post with pointers to more info, as well as excerpts from related IRC chats.

And, Xeni speaking again here — I’ll be a guest on this evening’s edition of CNN Showbiz Tonight (on CNN Headline News) in a segment examining internet response to the attacks in London. Airs at 7PM and 11PM ET (for West Coast US viewers, 4PM PT and 8PM PT). Link.

Update, 315PM, L.A.:

Boing Boing pal Danny O Brien says, “Fox News doesn’t think some Londoners are real Londoners. Here, an overexcited Fox News reporter catches himself dividing beleaguered Londoners into ‘Arab’ and ‘regular’ people. Creepy.” Link to video.

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