Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) in San Jose Aug 11

June 28, 2006 – 4:26 pm

Mark your calendars and grab your gas masks: the world’s longest-running lethal robot posse will perform maul, gnash, and pulverize its way through San Jose, CA on August 11, 2006. Details and a terrific video of a visit to SRL‘s San Francisco lab are here from Bre Pettis at the MAKE zine blog. Gajillions of previous BoingBoing posts about SRL are here. Image: Shot by “A*A*R*O*N” at an SRL show in Los Angeles (full-size). (thanks, Violet)

Update: the site with show details is down, so here they are:

[SRL founder] Mark [Pauline] says this show will get one of those long titles SRL is known for. As part of the 13th International Symposium for Electronic Arts festivities, SRL will be performing on August 11 in San Jose. Tickets are available here through the show organizers ZeroOne.

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