BoingBoingBoing podcast with this week’s guest, Violet Blue

September 26, 2006 – 6:52 am

Over the weekend, we recorded the second installment of our new weekly Boing Boing podcast, “Boing Boing Boing.” Each week, the Boingers and a guest talk about the week’s Boing Boing stories and new projects coming up — a kind of Best of Boing Boing, in audio form.

In this edition, we’re joined by author, blogger, lethal-robot-handler, and sex educator Violet Blue. She recently became the San Francisco Chronicle’s first sex columnist, and we asked her about that column — “Open Source Sex” — and an unauthorized but hilarious guerilla promo campaign announcing the launch (the Billboard Liberation Front stuck giant sexy photos of her on bus stops and buses throughout San Francisco).

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