Top 10 sex memes of 2006, by Violet Blue

December 29, 2006 – 9:48 am

Blogger and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Violet Blue shares this roundup of memorable moments in memehood with BoingBoing readers. Full text follows after the jump.

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The Top Ten Sex Memes of 2006
Violet Blue

Memes snake around and wind up on everyone’s blogs, sites, get injected into inboxes and become just generally known by most without widespread recognition from a news or mainstream media site. They propagate, survive, spread and mutate, through a user-supported natural selection process. Typically — and especially with sex memes — they’re too scary or NSFW to get any official traffic. And yet everyone finds out about them, and are fascinated for at least one solid minute. But the best part of sex memes, besides the weirdness and snarky wrong ironic humor? The gap between perception and reality is often a goatse-like chasm…

10. Celebrity Cooch Flash-A-Palooza
I’m just relieved that leatherface Joan Rivers isn’t on the cooch-flashing bandwagon this year, but if trends continue through 2007, we’ll be seeing that (no doubt) surgical wonder in no time. Pretending to flash your pantyless pundenda was the new black for starlets 85 lbs. and above and they made the webrounds like a coke-encrusted credit card in the Marmont bathroom. On the list: Pam, Paris, Britney (don’t forget the “sex tape” — *yawn*), Lindsay… even D-list porn stars like Mary Carey gave it a try (and gets a double “D” for effort).


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